Methods used by Abusers


You may be aware that abuse can take many forms. Abusers use different methods to build trust with the young person. Here are some examples of how exploitation works: 

When a abuser builds a connection with a young person to gain their trust for the purposes of sexual abuse. This can happen in the ‘online world’ and the ‘real world’.
This is when a abuser sees an opportunity and takes it; there isn’t the need to build up a relationship or gain the victims trust first.
This is when a group of abusers arrange to share victims.  For example by trafficking them to different areas for the purpose of abusing them.
This is when exploitation takes place within the child’s social setting. For example, a victim can be persuaded to carry out sexual acts in order to fit in or be accepted into a group.
This is when a member of the victim’s family exploits them.